New London Fire Department - Photo from Lakes Area Review

Fire Department

The New London Fire Department has 25 paid volunteer fire fighters on staff that serve the City of New London and portions of the townships of Burbank, Colfax, Irving, Lake Andrew, New London and Roseville. Persons interested in becoming a fire fighter must be at least 18 years old and have a valid drivers license. If you would like to apply for a fire fighter position, fill out both the city employment application and the fire department application supplement and mail or deliver it to city hall.



Each year the department is honored with an appreciation banquet made possible with donations from individuals and local businesses. The members of the department choose an MVP from their squad to receive recognition at the banquet.

Following is a list of past winners of the fire fighter of the year award:

                                2007 - Sig Holme
                                2008 - Sig Holme
2009 - Anthony Rupp
2010 - Anthony Rupp
2011 - Mark Skindelein
2012 - Clark Cronquist
2013 - Bruce Nelson
2014 - Cole Lieser
2015 - Travis Roediger
2016 - Chris Lindquist
2017 - Josh Cline
2018 - Bill Carlson
2019 - Cancelled due to COVID
2020 - Chad Thompson
2021 - Anthony Rupp
2022 - Anthony Rupp