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Ambulance Squad
New London Ambulance - Photo from Lakes Area Review
New London Ambulance - Photo from Lakes Area Review

The City of New London Ambulance Squad consists of 21 members and serves the Cities of New London and Spicer and the townships of New London, Burbank, and portions of Colfax, Lake Andrew, Dovre, Green Lake, Irving and Roseville. To be a member of the squad you must have a valid driver's license, be EMT certified and be able to attend regular meetings and trainings as required. If you would like to apply for an EMT position please fill out both the City Application for Employment and the Ambulance Application Supplement.
Each year the squad is honored at an appreciation banquet made possible with donations from individuals and local businesses. The members of the department choose an MVP from their squad to receive recognition at the banquet. Following is a list of past winners of the EMT of the year award:

2007 - Elaine Ruhland
2008 - Loren Beck
2009 - Marlyn Orson
2010 - Dana Miller
2011 - TC Peterson
2012 - Chad Powers
2013 - Marlyn Orson
2014 - Mackinley Johnson
2015 - Paul Peterson
2016 - Phil Lungstrom